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About Western Union

Welcome to the unofficial page of Western Union. This website is for educational purposes only and text contained herein may not be current and accurate.

Western Union has approximately 7,000 employees and a turnover of more than a billion dollars a year. Maybe you would not expect that WesternUnion was founded in America in the year 1851, it is more than 160 years of history of this company. The first think that comes to mind when you listen about Western Union are money transfers to every corner of the country and the world. Western Union transfer fees are certainly negligible. If you have personal experience with Western Union, please share it.

Frequently asked questions about Western Union

   What you need to know to send payments? It is necessary to fill out the form WesternUnion his address, and the full name of the recipient and the country where you will pick up the payment recipient.

   What you need to know to receive payment? It is necessary to know the full name of the sender, the earth from which they were sent, the amount that was sent, the transaction number (MTCN) the beneficiary shall notify the sender. This figure derives from WesternUnion when sending payment. It must also be proof of identity.

   Can i withdraw money via internet? In the United states and Germany, it might be possible to receive money on debit card. Check official Western Union website for more information.

   In what currency can I send money? You can send the money in local currency and some branches also allow USD or EUR.

   Can I pay off dollars? It is usually possible to pay foreign currency, but the money is converted to local currency (CZK, EUR, etc.).

   How long does WesternUnion transfer? After sending the payment WU money is usually available within minutes.

   When can I withdraw money? At any time, the maximum time to collect is limited.


On this page the information may not be current and accurate. Current information, contact the company directly by Western union.

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